Green School Status

Proud to Be Green

Jefferson Elementary an Official Green School 
by: Monica Nick
Jefferson is an environmentally conscious school committed to pursuing opportunities that make us as “green” as possible. We are proud of our green endeavors, which include the following:
•     Students have taken charge of paper recycling; they have recycled over 100,000 pounds of paper in the past 5 years. All proceeds from recycling activities go directly into promoting healthy earth activities. We also recycle plastic, juice bags, and electronics.
•     We have educated students about Michigan endangered animals and have adopted the lynx, barn owl, and salamander.
•     In November 2009, we were accepted into the Michigan Renewable Schools Energy Efficiency Program. We hope that through this partnership, Energy Works Michigan can direct us in improving energy efficiency not only in the school but outside, particularly in our courtyard. It’s there that we envision ways to naturally insulate our outer building walls, for instance with netting and ivy, or additional bushes.
•     In December 2009, we were accepted into the Friends of the Rouge Schoolyard Habitat Program, which will provide us with the landscape design of our Reading Garden and Living Classroom. We are in the process of obtaining additional funds for our courtyard project (through grants and fundraisers). Information on the Reading Garden Project is below.
•     Finally, in March 2010, we were awarded official MichiganGreen School status. To earn this distinction, Jefferson had to meet at least ten out of twenty criteria the state established for being "green".
The benefits to these pursuits are countless. But perhaps most important is that we are making students stewards of a healthy earth for the rest of their lives.