Help at Home with Math
Help at Home with Math
MathThe Jefferson Staff recognizes the Math in Focus program teaches many concepts differently than they have been taught in the past.  We have done our best to teach you some of these new strategies at our Family Math Nights, but understand not everyone is able to attend or has further questions.  In order to continue to support your efforts to help your child at home, Jefferson teachers have recorded videos to model concepts they are teaching.  Each grade level has recorded at least one video on a topic they are teaching this year.  Click on each of the links below to view the videos.

First Grade
addition with and without regrouping
subtraction with and without regrouping

Second Grade
story problem with addition using bar modeling

Third Grade
story problem with subtraction using bar modeling

Fourth Grade
story problem with division using bar modeling

Fifth Grade
multiple step story problem using bar modeling

We welcome your feedback!  If you have any praise, suggestions, or questions, please contact your child's teacher.